10 Beautiful Quotes For Our Fellow Aesthetes


do you consider yourself to be an aesthete? If you love the beauty of nature and art, here are 10 quotes for our fellow aesthetes.


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    Not that I've witnessed too many sunrises but everything else in nature just grabs me and drags me away from reality. My husband thinks I'm like an inquisitive 5 year old when we go walking..always looking at plants, flowers, insects or sea creatures from the jetty. Lovely quote. Thank u

  2. Posted by leeandmargi, — Reply

    That's me too! I often call out to my hubby 'Husband, come out here and see this gorgeous sunset/cloud/insect!' & my gorgeous hubby does the same. We are both constantly in awe of nature & bewildered by humans intent on destroying it.

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    That's me!!

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    That is SOOOO me

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    I love that quote!

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    Feel it 💕

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    good words for everyone's gf or bf

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    This explains so much!

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