12 Times The Science Side Of Tumblr Explained It Better


Science can be confusing, but we can always count on Tumblr to educate us.


  1. Posted by clintonrawlings, — Reply

    Just imagine being on a safari and seeing that. The guide would be all like "now if you look to your left, you can see a lion jumping 36 feet in the air on its prey."

  2. Posted by TheSplurd, — Reply

    Picture a lion bouncing up and down like a furry pogo stick of death. Nat Geo Documentary: *Morgan Freeman voice* And here we see an African lion in its natural habitat as it hunts its oblivious prey... *BOING BOING zebra screams*

  3. Posted by ShippinSamantha, — Reply

    This made me laugh uncontrollably cause I keep imagining all the things that could happen if this was irl

  4. Posted by RunningatMiles, — Reply

    Ok but the book is wet- did the op cry over how fucking scary a lion flying into the air is???

  5. Posted by oopsinearlydied, — Reply

    this post comes around maybe twice a year for me and it kills me every time lmao

  6. Posted by phdsaiki, — Reply

    EeeEeeEeeEeeEee the lion leaps tonight! (In the air, in the air, in the air, WeeEEE, in the air in the air WeeEEE!)

  7. Posted by JIrishJr, — Reply

    I just snorted. And now I'm getting weird looks from my dog. Couldn't ask for more.

  8. Posted by Spuffy117, — Reply

    I'm mean keeping is still fucking impressive though, and pretty sure male lions cant

  9. Posted by andy619skillet, — Reply

    If they aren’t good climbers I guess Mufasa would have died either way

  10. Posted by animeboyianpowe, — Reply


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