28 Memes For Teachers To Read If They Can Get A Minute Of Free Time.


Summer's over and it's not just the kids going back to school.  Shout out to all of the teachers bravely facing another school year. Treat yourself to these hilarious memes.


  1. Posted by johnescolero1, — Reply

    I almost did this in school but then I didn't cuz the signature didn't look complicated so instead of mom I put a crap load of squiggly words (I called them squiggly words when I was a kid but I know it's cursive)

  2. Posted by regularRosieOGrady, — Reply

    This poor child’s mom tried to forge his handwriting so he would get in trouble!

  3. Posted by jamodio3, — Reply

    The teachers can save these puns to read for their 3 months summer vacation.

  4. Posted by JailynnDiPasquale, — Reply

    I can actually do my dads signature pretty well

  5. Posted by SkittleGremlin, — Reply

    I could see me as a mom thinking of doing this

  6. Posted by asmahatim437, — Reply

    A bit too legit

  7. Posted by loricxlegacy, — Reply

    Ha I did this in school

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