35 Times People Spotted Others Acting Like Morons During This Outbreak And Shared Pics Online


Avoiding products that have the name “Corona” in them is one thing, but microwaving money to “disinfect” it (pro-tip: don’t ever do this) and disregarding safe facemask and glove use is a whole ‘nother ball game entirely.


  1. Posted by WVsass, — Reply

    I’ve yet to wear a mask because I don’t recognize arbitrary mandates made to cause panic. I also have yet to know ONE PERSON who has tested positive for COVID. It’s funny how the regular flu doesn’t even so much as get people’s panties in a wad, and yet, can be just as deadly, or more.

  2. Posted by kimnovak1967, — Reply

    This is why my Government told people not to use masks and gloves and we all went into isolation except for emergency and supermarket workers and we had social distancing. People are stupid and don’t think . Australia has done so well despite the dopes on the beach that we have stared to lift our restrictions-slowly.

  3. Posted by nicolemgolley, — Reply

    It's a fucking virus let it run its course. People are morons unfortunately it's all the false information that was given out

  4. Posted by connie_easley, — Reply

    It’s amazing how many people don’t how to wear a mask! FYI it supposed to cover your nose and mouth!!!

  5. Posted by loan1735, — Reply

    People are ignorant and morons

  6. Posted by Xeevoodoo, — Reply

    14 are on lunch break

  7. Posted by gothictimelord, — Reply

    The lift one is to make it easier to sterilise but the rest 😂😂

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