36+ Trendy Funny Christmas Gifts Ideas Xmas


36+ Trendy Funny Christmas Gifts Ideas Xmas


  1. Posted by masonb928, — Reply

    I was playing with a rake swinging it like a wand or a sword it looked pretty smooth I thought no one saw me and my aunt burst out laughing

  2. Posted by Kdance2, — Reply

    Omg, I love to dance and my aunt and uncle are cleaning out the basement for me s o they can put in speakers and a mirror but they send me outside to practise and my next door neighbors who hate us for some reason even an though we didn't do anything but anyways they always look outside and watch me sometimes I feel like there judging me

  3. Posted by adeleinedear, — Reply

    So me and my sister were biking down a biking trail in a park and I’m singing to her and then I turn to look at her and it this old man riding his bike and I was singing rlly loud. Thankfully he wasn’t behind my bike for too long

  4. Posted by ellablightganon, — Reply

    relatable...i'm at like target or something and dancing an old lady goes by staring at me like i lost my marbles

  5. Posted by secret7agent7bob, — Reply

    So.. this one time I was acting stupid with my freind in the girls bathroom. She was in a stall and she was fixn to open the door, she was buckling her pants. And so me being me, and since there was no one there, I went to the next stall, climbed on the toilet seat, and scared her. We laughed, and then. While I was up there I turned around and saw an older girl staring at me... I didn’t hear her come in. She just kinda walked away...

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