7 Moody Nail Trends To Try For October 2019


More than any other season, autumn is an aesthetic. Think: cable knit sweaters, spooky Halloween motifs, everything pumpkin-hued, and so. much. plaid. Thankfully, not a single one of the October 2019 nail designs pros are predicting play into those…


  1. Posted by iinfamousz, — Reply

    Hi, can someone help me? What is it called when you only put the color/design at the bottom of your nails like that? I want more design ideas, but Idk what to search. Thanks in advance!

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  4. Posted by ariloopsy, — Reply

    Why they go out like that

  5. Posted by melusiek3, — Reply

    thumbnail 😂😂😂

  6. Posted by rrruby_smallzzz, — Reply

    It looks like she has crushed up peas underneath her nails

  7. Posted by juliacrosss, — Reply

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    👌 yes !!

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    *cries in short nails*

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