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  1. Posted by nolstasera, — Reply

    She can do what she wants it’s her body people need to stop talking about her surgery she’s a girl she has feelings and insecurities like everyone else.

  2. Posted by patronship, — Reply

    The fact is that no one cares she went through plastic surgery to alter her appearance, it’s the fact she lies about it. These lies are what causes body dysmorphia in young girls.

  3. Posted by CelloMoza, — Reply

    People will hate her the same. She got bullied and being called the ugly sister, got plastic surgery then being bullied again for being fake. Took off all her filler and people said shes ugly again. Took the filler back on, once again being called fake or plastic. Its her body why people didnt leave her alone if they hate her that much?

  4. Posted by nobody_0_0uwu, — Reply

    It’s funny how she never wanted to admit that she had obviously surgery idk if it is bec of fear our society will hit on her or if it’s her I am perfect thinking

  5. Posted by moneyenoughtou, — Reply

    I mean no one cares if she did surgeries but the bad part of this whole situation is that she lies about getting plastic surgeries! She is always lying and saying that's all natural! She's a clown!

  6. Posted by GloriaA02, — Reply

    Leave her alone🤦🏾‍♀️ it’s about time people get over this

  7. Posted by champagnelefant, — Reply

    It’s called. Gaining weight. And targeted exercise. Jesus Christ

  8. Posted by babysunsett, — Reply

    At some point you gotta get over this

  9. Posted by lajtosova, — Reply

    2014 looking like a real body

  10. Posted by sensitivie, — Reply

    Se ela conseguiu eu tbm consigo ora

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