Chicken Scampi with Garlic Parmesan Rice

A quick and easy skillet meal with tender chicken scampi over perfectly cooked buttery, garlic parmesan rice.

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  • noellouiseee

    Just made this for dinner and it’s delicious. Added some extra Parmesan and roasted red pepper flakes (we like our food spicy). Will definitely make again!!

  • robinmbrown54

    Made this for supper tonight, very tasty. The rice had excellent depth of flavor. Next time I will add the chicken back in when I add the broth so that it can benefit from moist heat. Great meal and will be making it again.

  • DeannaHurst79

    This was pretty good, but there was way too much rice. I cut the amount of butter in half and used Kendall Jackson Chardonnay. My family agreed that the parmesan cheese wasn’t needed and if I make this dish again I’ll leave it out.

  • msb2883

    The best, most flavorful rice I have EVER eaten. The chicken was good, too. Will add to my go to meals. Wasn’t hard and didn’t take too long.

  • mollymanning16

    We enjoyed this dish a lot! I have a couple tweaks I will make next time. 1) ½ the rice, means probably less broth as well 2) about ¼ lb more chicken(I actually did this this time by mistake and I was glad I did) and 3) more red pepper flakes. Also if you don't have or don't use wine in the house, straight chicken broth works just fine.

  • smendoff

    I never write reviews, ever... I feel compelled after making this. It was super delish and the family LOVED it. I agree, the rice tastes like hibachi rice. So good! A new family favorite to add to our repertoire.

  • windowschick

    This was really good. I'm so glad I tried it. I did screw up the chicken though, it steamed more than fried. Will fix that next time.

  • jbhartenstine

    Next time - pull half of wine/garlic to add back to chicken at end. Chicken was flat. Compensate with extra broth to make rice work. Rice was too salty - cut last salt with broth in half. Was good despite this, will make again

  • tiffanycarbaugh

    I made spaghetti squash with mine instead of rice. I have 3 kids and 1 is a picky, picky eater. Of course I made this for him and he didn't touch it 😠 However my other 2 kids did enjoy it and they actually liked the spaghetti squash with the scampi sauce on it.

  • texastater1810

    Very rich for my family,tasted great, made more than enough for the four of us. Next time I will cut the butter in half.

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