Chunky Knit Blanket 1USD SHIPPING TO US, Polish Handmade Original


Chunky knit blanket Throw Our chunky plaids are hand made by Polish workers with high-quality merino wool. We had in mind the comfort of people suffering allergy that's why we chose merino wool. The characteristic construction and structure of the fibers, creates hostile environment for bacteria. In addition, the product is made from worsted wool, which makes it very soft. Due to the lack of synthetic additives (100% Merino Wool), the product can naturally be felt. Be sure to follow the care instructions, which are sewn on the product label. Merino wool, which are made of our plaids is certified: eco friendly man assigned by the Textile Research Institute in Lodz. Washing instructions: -hand wash at 30 degrees, in liquid form suitable for wool, professional cleaning for 100% wool. The best cleaning method is dry-cleaning. Not spin, do not iron. We have 3 colors of plaids: 1. Plaid Rose Quartz 140x180cm ( 55 inch x 70 inch) or 60x80cm ( 24 inch x 32 inch) . 2. Plaid Grey Pearl 140x180cm (55 inch x 70 inch ) or 60x80 ( 24 inch x 32 inch) . 3. Ecru Plaid 140x180cm ( 55 inch x 70 inch) or 60x80cm ( 24 inch x 32 inch) .


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