Dank 'N' Fresh Shrek Sh*tposts (14 Stupid Memes)


Dank 'N' Fresh Shrek Sh*tposts (14 Stupid Memes) - Funny memes that "GET IT" and want you to too. Get the latest funniest memes and keep up what is going on in the meme-o-sphere.


  1. Posted by lemmestealursoul, — Reply

    nice try but the fourth photo is from shrek two (2004) and the rest are from shrek forever after (2010). check your facts before your embarrass yourself edit: this was a joke. i thought the years made it obvious 👏👏👏 to everyone who got triggered, yall are clearly of the highest caliber iq

  2. Posted by lastingfragrance, — Reply

    something obscure but relatable, you do realize that posting that "no it all" comment ended up making people turn against you....

  3. Posted by promqueenofpurgatory, — Reply

    1: kiss your hand 2: say the name of your love 3: close your hand 4: say the name of a weekday 5: say your name 6: open your hand 7: paste this to 15 comments and the day you said in step four will be the day he/she tells you that they like your or even kiss you start soon for good luck

  4. Posted by alexreep65, — Reply

    It was predicted before it even happened in film. OH MY GOD I DIDNT HAVE TO SUFFER I JUST HAD TO WATCH THAT MOVIE AGAIN

  5. Posted by graveschloe5, — Reply

    when you accidentally make a better grade than the person you copied from

  6. Posted by Persistences_Official, — Reply

    Shrek also “dies” at the end of the fourth movie. He fades away just like Thanos in Endgame.

  7. Posted by chloeava1, — Reply

    Is this implying that Shrek: Happily Ever After, yes I know the name, has been double dipped?

  8. Posted by emaloo05, — Reply

    When you lose all your Apple Music songs at 4:07am and you’d appreciate death

  9. Posted by danimood5004, — Reply

    In this circumstance they made your HW sound better if you're going from left to right

  10. Posted by carlsonchris1999, — Reply

    So wait.. was this just Disney's way of saying "we can do it better" to DreamWorks?

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