Easy Vegan Naan


Easy vegan naan- soft, fluffy flatbread perfect for serving alongside Indian inspired dishes or even using as a wrap or pizza crust.


  1. Posted by jmarrissa, — Reply

    Thanks for posting dairy free and vegan for those that are not aware it can be covered in both areas. Vegan does not mean dairy free. Just Google Why ‘Vegan’ is not always ‘Dairy Free. It's easier for people that are vegan to search vegan and people that have dairy issues to search dairy free.

  2. Posted by isaacwaddington, — Reply

    There's no need to put "dairy free" if it's already labeled "vegan"

  3. Posted by jewdso, — Reply

    Awesome recipe! Naan was super soft and fluffy. Loved it!

  4. Posted by mookakitchen, — Reply

    Excellent 😉 Love you so much

  5. Posted by mcaesar888, — Reply

    Naan bread

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