Fluffy Slime Recipe - The Best Ideas for Kids


This fluffy slime recipe is easy and fun to make! No borax and made with contact solution and shaving cream. This recipe is the best fluffy slime recipe.


  1. Posted by miriamguard17ve, — Reply

    The headline says no Borax but the recipe uses contact lens solution that must contain Borax!

  2. Posted by urwaifueatsmochi, — Reply

    Yeah the contact lens solution will need to include borax or it won’t work

  3. Posted by kiayahume, — Reply

    i will definalety use this

  4. Posted by kdion, — Reply

    Your slime didn't work

  5. Posted by hannahx_28, — Reply

    I’m gonna try this

  6. Posted by amandasenfelde, — Reply

    its not working

  7. Posted by moon_thorn, — Reply

    Didn’t work :|

  8. Posted by Quizbuzzfeed, — Reply


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