Got inspo from infinity pool, here is my Infinity onsen ⛩


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  1. Posted by jackees1, — Reply

    Does anyone have any of these panels that I could catalog? I will pay bells or I have Tailor tickets or nook miles ticket! I would be forever grateful!

  2. Posted by hexahedronic, — Reply

    hey, does anybody have any of the panels?? like. any of them, really--i just need one lmao . color doesnt matter in the slightest !!

  3. Posted by xdarkstarr, — Reply

    Does anyone have these brown simple panels? I only have the white rimmed ones, please let me know if I can trade or buy some!❤️

  4. Posted by phoebe1085, — Reply

    I was looking for ideas of how to do a sorta zen spa. This gives me some ideas, even though I want it to be outside. Tysm

  5. Posted by mikutarts, — Reply

    Does anyone have the dark brown or the grey simple panel? (I have the brown and the light brown if anyone wanna catalog them)

  6. Posted by hinatascarlet, — Reply

    How did you make thoes wall panels? I have some ideas but I don’t know how to make them or where to find them

  7. Posted by milawafer12, — Reply

    Can anyone trade me for the panels? Or their diy recipe? Please 🥺

  8. Posted by c_kaili18, — Reply

    able to provide the custom code pls?

  9. Posted by lzxchangsha0592, — Reply

    can anyone tell me how to bulit these outside walls please

  10. Posted by acastro95, — Reply

    I need the floor QR 🥺🙏🏼

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