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  1. Posted by emuekpereemike, — Reply

    hananoi with long hair was so cute but them together is so beautiful like I hope someone who looks like this comes into my life we don't have to date I just wanna be their friend

  2. Posted by ryujisunahara13, — Reply

    This manga was sooooo good!!! ahhhhh

  3. Posted by kirinn, — Reply

    I forgot Hananoi had long hair before lol

  4. Posted by lawliet5, — Reply

    hananoi-kun to koi no yami

  5. Posted by ratbbagel, — Reply

    This manga was so cute!!! I recommend 🍓✨

  6. Posted by burtonmaicaiah, — Reply


  7. Posted by ChronostheViolinist, — Reply

    The background characters though

  8. Posted by tutty3210, — Reply

    Hananoi-kun tô koi no yami

  9. Posted by burtonmaicaiah, — Reply

    Manga name, please👉🏼👈🏼

  10. Posted by emiliadzafarova096, — Reply

    Можно название

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