Hot Cross Bun Pudding! - Jane's Patisserie


*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details!*  A DELICIOUS Easter Dessert, that’s so incredibly easy. Hot Cross Buns, Chocolate, and more for a yummy Hot Cross Bun Pudding! Sooooo I just couldn’t resist oneeee more Easter recipe for this year. I have loads of other plans, but there’s only so much Easter content you can post in one year and not annoy people. I thought this one is best to leave till last, as it’s just so incredibly and unbelievably easy, and it’s a good one for if you bought too many Hot Cross Buns for Easter Weekend. I am OBSESSED with Hot Cross Buns, and I know that they are available all year round, or you can make your own, but nothing beats the special flavours that they […]