How To Make Lettuce & Other Fresh Produce Last Longer - Cottage Notes


Keeping my lettuce and other vegetables and fruits fresh is very important to me. I find it to be a total waste to have to throw out my veggies because of not getting to use them all up before they start going bad. There are quite a number of ways to keep your produce fresh.


  1. Posted by JHG5956, — Reply

    I put a saucer upside down in a lg bowl, break up lettuce wash and spin dry, place in bowl and cover tightly with fitted cover. It lasts for weeks. All the moisture goes under saucer.

  2. Posted by WhimzlieMadi22, — Reply

    I core mine and put it in one of those large gallon icecream buckets. It'll last a week or two for sandwiches and still be crispy.

  3. Posted by biohaz3l, — Reply

    Can I, can I just....ask why you would want to keep lettuce that long? Maybe if your having a smoking party? Idek

  4. Posted by valeryleonard, — Reply

    Month old veggies have no nutritional value. And freeze ginger. Water has bacteria in it.

  5. Posted by jen24parsons, — Reply

    OR you could just EAT it.

  6. Posted by vittoriasecrets, — Reply

    Can't stand soggy lettuce

  7. Posted by tslackie, — Reply


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