Quotes of Scorpio


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  1. Posted by nErDyGiRl1025, — Reply

    Depends on how much I hate the person

  2. Posted by amarieca02, — Reply


  3. Posted by rehman2863, — Reply

    She forgets there is somebody above her too

  4. Posted by rehman2863, — Reply

    Nobody changes just the mask falls off

  5. Posted by camillashenriquezy, — Reply

    Yas totally true

  6. Posted by somyaj2009, — Reply

    It's true...

  7. Posted by rehman2863, — Reply

    Because she is already a devil with a mask

  8. Posted by kassiedh, — Reply

    In the best way... but also in tbe worst way too.

  9. Posted by syedamariya26, — Reply

    True true

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