Rhinestone Thigh Chain Party Accessory


Rhinestone Body Jewelry Thigh Chain Women Sexy Beach Jewelry Party Accessories Night Club Body Belly Chain   Item:Body Chain Thigh S: 45+20cm Adjustable 17.7+8in M : 55+20cm Adjustable 21.6+8in L: 65+20cm Adjustable 25.5+8in Package Include:A piece Thigh Chian


  1. Posted by texasmadelokkaa, — Reply

    honestly if u think abt it, stretch marks r beautiful af idk if dats makes me weird or not but i just think they r

  2. Posted by stevebuczek8977, — Reply

    This is the equivalent to "snow chains" for women that want a man to stay down until shes done.Because grip is important I suppose.

  3. Posted by leslieeliza2014, — Reply

    Stretch marks are gorgeous💕

  4. Posted by r4mla, — Reply

    Am I the only one who’s tryna figure out wat her tattoo says

  5. Posted by midnitestarr213, — Reply

    wth am i looking at lol so confused

  6. Posted by desilowe21, — Reply

    Their advertising the chain on her thigh

  7. Posted by babybasset, — Reply


  8. Posted by jwinman2003, — Reply


  9. Posted by tenkuwu, — Reply

    I have purple stretch marks!

  10. Posted by jtatyana30, — Reply

    Good night

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