Simple & Affordable Fall Entryway • Mindfully Gray


A special thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. Fall colors are my absolute favorite – If you haven’t already noticed by now, I am all about the warm colors and fall textures. Since I recently redid our entryway I was excited to update the space with some fall vibes this year! I bought this...Continue Reading


  1. Posted by diypublicdepartment, — Reply

    Great choice of colors. Your home entrance is amazing. I have exactly this colors in my victorian bathroom and with the firplace looks stunning. 😁

  2. Posted by nuriramadhan, — Reply

    Entryways are supposed to be as simple as this. I was surprised to see an entryway at my brother's house that instead became like a children's playhouse because there was a seat equipped with a shelf, not to mention other knick-knacks he posted on the wall. It feels like it could be the living room too. 😅😁

  3. Posted by almabey01, — Reply

    (For my Design in Everyday Living class) Although it may seem like this picture is all about harmony because of the dark browns and the dark blues, it isn't; it is about contrast. The top part of the wall is light, just like the trim and some of the other objects in the room. Those contrast greatly against the dark blues and browns, making the lighter areas pop up.

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  6. Posted by katelynlk, — Reply

    Love this! But I wish they would have painted the vent to disguise it

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  8. Posted by yourdecorgalore1, — Reply

    Such a warm & inviting color!😁

  9. Posted by mckayla28, — Reply

    Love this color so much!!

  10. Posted by pyaarnation, — Reply

    very nice, [FIRSTNAME] !

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