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  1. Posted by sschuler15, — Reply

    DONT DO THIS!!! if you can wear heels like this you have a MUCH greater chance of leg and back issues. Seriously heels are NOT good for you. My podiatrist says the older women he has who need canes or are in wheelchairs are mostly those who wore a lot of heels when younger.

  2. Posted by yoperez2025, — Reply

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  3. Posted by anurepa, — Reply

    I used to be able to run in heels. Now, it’s been 3 years since I wore heels really at all, and I can barely walk in them. (Doesn’t help that I have a hip injury that prevents me from walking comfortably even in sneakers.)

  4. Posted by annettehmartin, — Reply

    I am also one of these women that can run in heels and such. I love them, but I wasn't going to miss the train also.

  5. Posted by Hail_Void, — Reply

    I’m still trying to walk in the things! At least I don’t fall over! Ballet practice was good for SOMETHING I guess...

  6. Posted by TheLiviaFiles, — Reply

    I actually did this too. Came in handy for running across a school for speech and debate

  7. Posted by sugarjaejae, — Reply

    I can’t even walk in the shoes I wear everyday without falling over so damn. That’s skill right there

  8. Posted by knasargent, — Reply

    I had to chase my dog for three blocks in my heels. It didn’t even occur to me I could just take them off.

  9. Posted by underworldking9, — Reply

    Women who can run in high heels are powerful superior lifeforms that should be feared.

  10. Posted by jo70guardlars, — Reply

    Except for the health problems. Cool none the less

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